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Friday, November 26, 2010

New Dresser

I found this dresser at a garage sale for $30. It was in pretty good condition. I was not too crazy about the curves on the bottom so I decided to replace the skirt.

Before I could get any further Kit came upstairs and let me know that he had done me a favor. He dropped the blender on the dresser and subsequently put a hole in the top. He said that it was a favor because its better to know now that it was flimsy than later. I let him know that he was right. Also that since he had completed one favor that he could do another by leaving $20 on the dresser so that I could replace the top.

Now that this piece was up to $50,I am all about reusing the hardware. I spray painted the drawer pulls a copper color. I am not married to them however. I may switch them out..... Not sure yet.

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