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Monday, February 14, 2011

Apron Ooops....

So I made a mistake. I made an apron for my younger sisters daughter. Then my oldest sisters daughter found out and she wanted one. In my defense I didn't know that she baked. When we spoke last I asked about if she helped with Christmas dinner and she said no.
So I made to make another. I have changed the top of this apron but the bottom is the same. I also added the initials to the pocket. All of the fabric has sparkle in it except for the green but I like the combo. I hope that she likes it.
If not maybe the Red Velvet cupcake mix will help smooth over my faux pas.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bum Cushions

I spotted these cushions in last years summer issue of Traditional Home Magazine. I thought it was a good idea and filed the image away in the back of my mind. They look custom and fit the square stools very well. They stood out to me because you always see individual cushions for chairs but not so much for different shape bar/counter stools.

Ytina mention that she liked the saddle seat stools that she has in her eat in kitchen but they hurt when you sat in them too long. I remembered the photo above and went hunting in my magazine pile to send her the photo. She liked the idea and let me know that she wanted black and white fabric. One day while in Fabric store I saw this print in another woman's arms and sent her a pick of it. The fabric was $8.00 per yard and the pad and filling should run you about $20 for four seats.(but you have to use your 40% off coupon)

Here is the completed seat. I added solid black trim to the edge. I find edges of things seem to get dirty first and I thought that black would hide that better. They don't look so great on my red stools. Ytinas are black so it will go much better. If you don't like the look of the tied stays on the seats you can always add rug sip material under the cushion. Also a cut up yoga mat will serve as a great substitute. learned that from Patty at Triangle Pilates ( no one wants to fall off the reformer or a stool.)

Here's to happy bottoms!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Race season is on.....

Here we are again at the beginning of another race season. Kit started his this morning at the Krispy Kreme Challange along with Becky, Tim and Greg and a few other friends we met up with downtown. The temperature was 36 the entire time. I was freezing and don't get me started with the constant rain.
With all my complaining you would think that I was running. I think its worse as a spectator. Its hard to keep warm just standing there waiting to take photos.

I only saw 3 guys tossing there doughnuts back up. I get sick just thinking about it. Becky said that she was not eating them at all. Kit ate all of his but he says he still hates them and wont ever touch them again. He is now on his bike riding off the gut he swears he can feel coming on from the 2000 calories he just consumed.

I will do my first race for this year next month Tobacco Road 13.1. I'm not expecting it to be great because I haven't been well lately. But I will do it just the same. I really hope it doesn't rain.