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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The same... but not.

I think this is the last part of my Blitz Furniture Repost:

This desk was on craigslist for $40. We needed the drawers, and I needed to not look at the PC tower all the time. It originally came with 4 legs. I thought it looked better with 8. It also came with a foe wood top. I felt it was incomplete with out a real wood one. So I replaced it.

I was out the total of $100 plus my sweat and time. It was worth it.

This was a 9 drawer dresser in it's previous life. That life was over when I purchaced it for $50 at the thrift shop. When I looked at it I saw a sideboard of sorts.
Don't you think of wine bottles, beer and wine glasses with party platters when you look at it. I do....

I like it better this way. Where else was I going to store platters that I have no room for in my kitchen. Besides it makes a great buffet table on occasion.

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