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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coming apart at the seams….

I received a call from a friend that a co-worker posted on their internal ForSale.com website that she need someone repair her sofa and she also needed slip covers for 2 chairs that she found on-line. I was recommend by 2 people. :-) So off I went over to have a look.

The sectional pieces looked like they were not tied properly at 3 different corners of the sofa. Maybe it was a machine error, or the saying is true, they just don’t take the time to make things like they use to. This is the second fairly new sofa that needed repairs in the last 2 months. Good for me me but not so much if you paid good money for your sofa. I closed the ends with a blind stitch using upholstery thread so that the repair wont be seen.

Shoni went shopping for her fabric and found two that she liked. One was a micro-suede and the other was a multi-colored Repp (traditional woven fabric with a dominant rib running in the weft direction). She had extra fabric left over so I made 3 throw pillows.

I tried my hand at a log cabin quilted pillow in the micro-suede. I thought it was very cute. I do need to work on my quilt pattern.


  1. We LOVE our chair cushions and pillows! Thank you so much for your work and for doing it so *quickly* for us, too. If you ever need a reference, you've got my cellie and email... :)

  2. I so glad that you guys liked the results.