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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to make an easy Tutu.

This is an easy one seam tutu. That's all the sewing that's required one seam in the elastic. After you have measured the waist and sewn the seams together all that's left is cutting and loop tying. Here are the 3 colors i have chosen for my daughters. She is 6 months old. so her waist is pretty tiny. About 10 inches of elastic. I only purchased a yard of each color. I cut the tulle into 4x10 inch strips.
I found that it was easier for me to add one color at a time. Then go back in and add the next in order Pink yellow orange, then repeat.
This was you can decide if you want to mix or layer the colors. You simple shift the knot a litter higher or lower around the elastic depending on where you want them. Personally I like the layered look a little better. Here is the finished product. Here is what it looks like on my little one. I tied a few scraps on a headband for a little flair.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Elizabeth's Nursery

It's not as if I have let the past year go by with out completing any projects. I have let the year go by taking little to no photos of the items that I have completed. I was simply to tired to take them or I just forgot. I finally got around to completing most of Elizabeth's nursery. The one thing that I hate I haven't gotten to yet is her Quilt. I have purchased the fabrics for it but I am having a problem with execution. Time gets interesting to manage with a 5 month old around. She is on my lap as I type trying her best to get to the keys. I was really fortunate to receive her crib from a dear friend that no longer needed it because her little one was ready for a big boy bed. Brinda was nice enough to donate the bookshelf so we didn't have to purchase one. I had been holding on the $15 chair from the local H4H Re-Store. I decided to recover it in a light grey Duck cloth. The side table I pick up at the local thrift shop for $7. I painted it and added the trim around the top.
Her dresser that I picked up from the Garage brothers from use to hold my fabric but they have been given the boot! I did have to change the drawer pulls because the originals were a little to sharp for little hands. The rug and crib mattress are pretty much the only new items in the room. I even managed to get out of making her mobile. Nikki's husband Steve made the ceiling paper poufs for m baby shower they hosted and I thought they would make a great addition to her room. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. So that most likely means she will turn 3 and want all my handmade work changed to pink!!!