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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friend’s need somewhere to sit too…..

Rose and her husband come from the land of the giants… No seriously they are both really tall. She was looking for a chair for her master bedroom. Well I should she sent me a BOLO (be on the lookout) for a good size chair. Another friend mentioned in conversation that she was about to get rid of some chairs so I asked if I could have a look.
This one was perfect! There was really nothing wrong with it other that the fact that it had gotten in a fight with the cat on its backside.

Rose picked her colors from my old reliable 7.99 per yard store. And off to work I went. I get better at this the more I do it and now that I have way to much time on my hands I have actually started to study the art upholstery. Here is the finished product.

Brinda grew up with this lovely sofa and her mother thought that she should have it as an adult. For some reason she did not want to keep the birds and hydrangeas.

I was pleased that she found a sold that she liked as this was a big project to take on. It would have been made bigger if it involved prints or stripes.

I tried to keep the details of the arms so that it wouldn’t look like a giant slip cover. She was pleased. These two projects are part of the repost blitz, they are not recent work.

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