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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Kitchen

After I removed my previous posts I was asked to re-post some of the before and after that I have completed. So here goes. These are my kitchen chairs. I picked them up from the flea market for $70 for the 5 of them

I stripped them down and stained them in Ebony. I have added new cushions and covered them in a $7.99 micro-suede

I found a green and yellow kitchen table at the local good will. Oddly enough it was also $70. For 20 minutes I had to lean on the table while holding the leaf insert that goes in the middle. All the while fending off crazy old ladies that stopped by to rub the insert asking me if I was going to buy it. This particular Goodwill was cash only so off Kit went to the atm.

I stripped it down and stained it to match the chairs. I love this table. We don’t actually eat at it. The sofa is our dining room table. But this table holds the large fruit basket very well.

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