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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to make an easy Tutu.

This is an easy one seam tutu. That's all the sewing that's required one seam in the elastic. After you have measured the waist and sewn the seams together all that's left is cutting and loop tying. Here are the 3 colors i have chosen for my daughters. She is 6 months old. so her waist is pretty tiny. About 10 inches of elastic. I only purchased a yard of each color. I cut the tulle into 4x10 inch strips.
I found that it was easier for me to add one color at a time. Then go back in and add the next in order Pink yellow orange, then repeat.
This was you can decide if you want to mix or layer the colors. You simple shift the knot a litter higher or lower around the elastic depending on where you want them. Personally I like the layered look a little better. Here is the finished product. Here is what it looks like on my little one. I tied a few scraps on a headband for a little flair.

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