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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Grandparents Vinyl Dining Chairs

The Grandparents, Eleanor & Raymond
I took my 2nd trip to northern Minnesota. To celebrate The Grandparents 70th Wedding Anniversary. Could you imagine being with the same person for 75 years and still being happy with each other. It was a lovely and rare thing to be a part of and witness. However the occasion did present a dilemma. What do you get the couple that has been able to collect what they wanted for 3/4 of a century? The idea came from my brother in law Jesse and his "Sweetheart" Sheena. (that's the title my mother in law gave her during introductions at the party)
On a recent visit Grand Eleanor expressed to them an interest in having her kitchen chairs recovered. She said that there were too many butts with hunting knives in there back pockets that damaged her vinyl. Sheena found a great fabric shop not too far from her place in St Paul where we picked up a great print in blue and white. I wish I had taken note of the name. They had wonderful selections of fabric...oh well. I'll up date If I remember. We took the seats off and gave them a little more cushion at Ray's request. The actual seat was pretty small so we only purchased a 1/2 yard per chair. The stuffing was covered in batting before the new vinyl went on to smooth over any lumps.
Did I mention that it only took Sheena and I a little over 2 hours. Using borrowed tools, In one of the most old-fashioned organized garages I have ever seen( that was a big help). We were all done with the taking apart, washing( Thanks Sheena, cat hair and I are not friends) stuffing, stapling, and re-assemble in time enough to get ready for the party.
See Grandpa Approved! I cant mention this quick and impromptu project with letting you know that Ray has an 8 track in his garage and as soon as Sheena went for her I phone to turn on Pandora, Ray powered up the 8 track full blast with the sounds of Buck Owens...Wow
I also have to mention that the Grandsons were drinking beer in the sauna and making brief trips to dunk themselves in a cold lake while there "sweethearts" were working on their grandparents chairs. Apparently Grandpa's, I'm here to do my ladies bidding(his words) attitude didn't get passed down that far.

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