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Friday, July 6, 2012

Kitchen Window Valance with Grommets

I received a request to make a set of kitchen valances. They are pretty simples item to make. That is until you add the grommets. Marla picked up the "no tools required kit from Joanns fabric. I had never used them before but it seemed pretty cut and dry. In the past the ones that required you to put some muscle behind them and things could go wrong.
Although the package said no tools required I would recommend having really good scissors or using what I did which was my 18mm rotary cutter. There is not a lot of room for error with these if you go outside the lines of the template. You run the risk of having a gap between the fabric and the ring. I would also use "No Fray" or what I did hot glue to prevent unraveling. I figured that this way I would not have to worry about the strength of the snap closure holding up to a medium weight & lined material. Other that that they seem like a pretty good product.
I think they came out very nice. Marla likes them and I'm sure her little ones are happy that they can eat their breakfast now without the sun in there eyes.

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