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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Indoor and Outdoor Patio Cushions

Replacing outdoor patio cushions can get pricey. I went into a couple of Garden stores and I can see why people want to get them recovered. These are Gina's old cushions and pillows. Aside from it being more economical to recover them, hers couldn't simply be replaced because of their unique shapes. There wasn't much wrong with the foam or the actual chairs. But when you have a 2 school age kiddos things can get a little messy. Add to that all the damage from humidity that living in brings you may need new slip covers. I love, love, love the color that she picked out. I ran into 2 problems on this project. One was that I made a fabric estimation error. I should have checked my chart. The bad result was that I ran out of fabric before I got to her throw pillows. I made up a pattern with scraps and some vinyl that was left over from another project. The other issue is that I'm pretty sure that one of the bottom seats is in its slipcover upside down. I don't know why they call them slipcovers because you really do have to wrestle them in all the while trying not to break the zippers. These are Natascha's bench concussions. She wanted a change. I think that the stripes look very cute and will go great in her entry hall. This was pretty simple and quick one had a broken zipper that needed to be replaced. The new fabric is not as bulky as the old so the new cushions look smaller. But the new stripes should be easier to keep clean. Natascha sent me a photo. They look happy in there new home.

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