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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have I turned into Mr Wilson ?

Have I turned into "Mr. Wilson"? You know the grumpy old guy from Dennis the Minus or is dog sitting not for me... Lately it seems like when ever get asked to dog sit and I agree to it, something goes wrong. I wont go into what the 2 different golden retrievers have done inside my house. (cause I just had lunch)! But I ask the question now because the dog that is over now has been over for less that 24 hours is somehow offended by my grass. It looks like she has decided to remove it.
She also has decided once again(it has happened before) that there is something under my deck that she has to have, damn the blockade.
Now that she as gotten under she cant seem to get out. Did I mention that there is a thunderstorm on the way? I cannot help her get out. I don't do bugs or climb in mud but apparently at some point today I will have to do a bath outside. I am not happy about that.
Yes I have a dog, and yes he does things that he shouldn't do. There is not a beer or a banana that is safe in his presence if left unattended. But he is not into damage, he is into food. Am I getting too old for other peoples bad children, I mean dogs?

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