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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Great Spaces

After a long and crazy week wouldn't it be nice to have a place to go and curl up to relax. This is a space that Gina created above the entrance to the foyer in her home. I can completely understand why she did. I have a vaulted foyer and I find that I look at it as completely wasted space.
They had a contractor come in and add this window seat with storage. Not pictured is a desk, upper cabinets along with a cork organization board. It looks really great.
Gina found her fabric and the foam she wanted to use. ** Warning If at all possible don't by foam with out a coupon if you can help it. The price of that stuff will give you sticker shock, especially if you need 70 inches of it.****
I made a removable cover to go on the seat. This will allow her to be able to remove it if it needs washing. The space is primary for her little ones to hang out and do their homework. As she puts it to get there things out of her dining room. Gina picked out a great contrasting blue for the throw pillows. The pillow in the middle is the left over fabric. Looking at this photo, it kinda makes me long for a rainy day so that I can curl up with the book that I cant seem to find the time to finish!

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