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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Race season is on.....

Here we are again at the beginning of another race season. Kit started his this morning at the Krispy Kreme Challange along with Becky, Tim and Greg and a few other friends we met up with downtown. The temperature was 36 the entire time. I was freezing and don't get me started with the constant rain.
With all my complaining you would think that I was running. I think its worse as a spectator. Its hard to keep warm just standing there waiting to take photos.

I only saw 3 guys tossing there doughnuts back up. I get sick just thinking about it. Becky said that she was not eating them at all. Kit ate all of his but he says he still hates them and wont ever touch them again. He is now on his bike riding off the gut he swears he can feel coming on from the 2000 calories he just consumed.

I will do my first race for this year next month Tobacco Road 13.1. I'm not expecting it to be great because I haven't been well lately. But I will do it just the same. I really hope it doesn't rain.

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