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Saturday, February 25, 2012

JJ Has Wings

Well Wing back Chairs. JJ's aunt found these chairs at a yard sale. For some reason she did not want to keep this fabric.

The tear down seems to take the most time. There were a lot of staples in the two of the chairs. A lot of staples….. It was as if someone left their finger on the trigger gun. After I removed the wine colored lightning bolts I discovered that it needed some reinforcements. I can’t promise that the back support is not a plastic black tarp.

I also discovered that someone use to live in one of the chairs. The little mice has moved out and I did clean up after it.

JJ went all the way to Gastonia to find the fabric that she liked. With everything going on lately I took me a while to get them out of the garage. I was able to recycle the zippers, but only half of the piping.

All done..... Now off to the land of pinch pleat curtains...


  1. Very nice! I like that fabric choice. Sarena, I have a chair similar to these which I would *love* for you to makeover for me. Soon.... ;-)

  2. Thanks Ladies, I'd love to give your chair a facelift! Good to hear from you. Hope you are well!