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Friday, January 6, 2012

It seems like forever

I know its been a while and I wont even try and make excuses. I'll just say Happy New year and I'm glad to see it.
One of the things that I managed to get done lately is lay out and sew together this blanket for The Grandparents. I don't want to call it a quilt because there wasn't a lot of quilting with it but it still came out pretty cute. The story that goes with it is almost just as cute.
Its hard to think about what to get for people that have been around for 9 decades. But one day Lynne (Kits mom) was on the phone talking about how Eleanor and Raymond (the Grandparents) were talking about how cold it was.(It's a Northern Minnesota Winter) and that she had a blanket that she just loved an wished they had another.
Lynn asked where she got it from because maybe she could get one for Christmas. Eleanor said that it was a wedding gift......They have been married for 69 years. I'm pretty sure that its out of production.

So I produced this one. This is where I question my layout, on the bed.
Eleanor loves bright colors. Do you think I covered that that part?

I added the brown,green & tan so that Raymond wouldn't have pink and fuchsia dreams as they approach their 70th Wedding Anniversary. Its the gift that would keep on giving and its the least I could do since she gave me the machine to make it with.

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