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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am not the boss of me....

You know what they say about making plans and making god laugh........
Well I made plans to run 13.1 Tobacco Road this weekend. Then I got knocked off my butt by my Asthma.
I was doing really good until I was forced to walk The Porter twice a day for 3 days. His regular walks just so happen to be at the same time of day when pollen counts are the highest. (I didn't think about that until after the fact) I'm not clear on the why and how but, his regular walking buddy managed to drop my treadmill on his big toe so he was not available.
I cant remember going down hill so fast with an allergy onset asthma attack. Now I am stuck at home with out of control asthma, an upper respiratory infection and a right ear infection. I now know why babies scream and pull at their ears. This hurts, itches and there is this nonstop high pitch ringing. Not to mention it has me off balance.
The Doc said that its probably best to try to get it under control during the tree pollen season and that if I wanted to do the race I would most likely need to come across a miracle....
I think Kit got that one. His toe is fine he melted into his big toenail with a hot needle and let it drain for a couple of days and he is up and running. Literally! Although the toe is really ugly.
Im not the boss right now but I plan on taking control back from this disease.

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